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“I’d marry Zayn Malik” - Liam Payne

“I’d eat Zayn. I don’t know why but I would” - Liam Payne

“Right next to you Liam” - Zayn Malik (When asked about where he would he live anywhere in the world)

“I thought it was me and you” - Zayn Malik (When asked about the bromance between Niall and Liam)

“It wasn’t very nice to be on stage […] I’m gonna cry man” - Liam Payne (When asked about how was it to go on stage without Zayn)

“I shouldn’t be telling you this, but one day Liam and I were goofing around and we ended up kissing” - Zayn Malik

“It’s gotta be Liam” - Zayn Malik (When asked about who’s the “you” he sings to in Gotta Be You)

“I’ll stay with you Liam just cause I’m your friend” - Zayn Malik

“Who would I date? Ok probably Liam just because I get along with him the best and I’ve got the most in common with him” - Zayn Malik

“Zayns asleep on my shoulder awwww bless lol” - Liam Payne (On twitter)

Have you ever changed kissed between you?

Zayn: I shouldn’t be teeling you this, but one day, Liam and I were goofing around and we ended up kissing. But it was only a joke. I swear!

If you had to snog another member of the band, who would it be?

Zayn: This is such a hard rank…er, Liam.

One of my favourite headlines on you is ‘Does Zayn Malik have a secret girlfriend with nice boobs?’

Zayn: Yeah that was just a random tweet, somebody was staring at Liam’s chest and I thought I’d jump on the comedy wagon and I tweeted ‘the awkward moment when someone’s staring at your girlfriend’s boobs’. I was talking about Liam’s boobs!