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if the real owner of this account is back then i want to say sorry! i swear this wasnt intentional!! if you want to tell me off then my account is mrssyleshoranpaynemalik


i think i’ve hacked this account by accident :/ who is it that’s meant to be back??

omg… i think i’ve hacked into this account! can you guys give me clues wheither this is actually mine or not??

could you take a look at my blog and tell me what you think of it?


Have you ever gotten hate? Or been bullied?

yes. im pretty sure everyone has!! 

Not long now- Mr X

im not exactly thrilled at your plans to assassinate one direction (which is really stupid and is a bit of a waste of time) but you, a sad lonely man who really need to get a girlfriend, against modest management, people who suck but keep our boys safe? yeah. your plans are stupid and you really need a hobby. ps. i heard hockey is really good for your back. 

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came here to say that i went to see the boys tonight and the absolutely smashed it!!!!!

Sneak Peak of the Kiss You music video +

hello everyone i know ive been an asshole all the time i was away but i just saw the kiss u preview and it was like ive fallen in love with the boys all over again i mean i never stopped it was the fandom but i just zayn